What is L'Abri?

L'Abri Fellowship is an international Christian community and study center. The word L'Abri is a french language for "shelter", and L'Abri Fellowship is a place where anyone could come with honest questions for life and truth. The first L'Abri was established in 1955 by Dr. Francis Schaeffer and his wife Edith in Swiss Alps, at a village called Huemoz. Today, there are eleven branches and resource centers in various parts of the world.

The Philosophy of L'Abri

L'Abri is interested not only in spiritual or intellectual matters but also in every area of human life. We welcome non-Christians as well as Christians, and our aim is to help them find answers to their questions so we can demonstrate the fact that God is there and that His words are true. Of course, we cannot do this job perfectly. But we trying to do our best to rely on the Holy Spirit in teaching the Bible correctly.

The Basic philosophy of L'Abri is that historical and biblical Christianity is the truth, and that we can know it. Therefore we discuss the students' questions and problems thoroughly rather than urging people to believe unconditionally. L'Abri believes that, if Christianity is true, it must give honest answers not only to religious questions but also concerning the universe, history, and every area of human life. So we try to provide "honest answers to honest questions". With a Christian worldview, we try to help people in every area of modern life including religion, history, psychology, education, politics, and society as a whole.

L'Abri believes that biblical Christianity is not just a religion or a theory but the message of salvation for all of us who have sinned, as well as the truth that corresponds to the way things are. From this philosophy come three emphases:

  1. The spiritual reality should be demonstrated moment by moment in every area of daily life.
  2. The Biblical worldview is relevant to all of human knowlegde and life.
  3. The social ethics, i.e. love and justice, should be practiced in our community.

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