School of Christian Worldview

The School of Christian Worldview (SCW) is a unique program developed to meet the needs of Korean Christians. SCW is different from a regular term at L'Abri in that it concentrates, in a shorter period of time, on the study of Christian Worldview . SCW is based on L'Abri's community life rather than a traditional classroom or a lab. By offering SCW we hope to contribute to the spiritual growth of the Korean society and the churches in it.

We usually offer courses in basic, intermediate, and advanced levels. However, over the last 20 years we have also offered special programs focusing on college students, graduate students, seekers, teachers, church leaders, wives of pastors, lawyers, businesspeople, physicians, leaders of missionary organizations, as well as artists.

Course length varies from 3 days to 5~10 weeks. SCW is also available to our regular guests and visitors throughout the year.

Cooperation : L'Abri workers have often led programs at local churches, as well as by invitation at conferences organized by the Christian Worldview Studies Association of Korea, Youth With A Mission, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, KOSTA, and various other groups.


  1. SCW students can integrate Christian Worldview into their lives, through community life, work, discussion, and prayer.
  2. SCW students can experience real differences in worldview by studying together with seekers and non-believers.
  3. SCW is based on the work of Francis A. Schaeffer and over 50 years of Internation L'Abri experience.
  4. SCW helps students view current Korean and international events with a Christian perspective.
  5. SCW focuses on educating the leaders of tomorrow who would serve God and the community.

Recent Programs

From 2016 to 2020, we have been co-hosting SCW in Seoul with the Christian Worldview Studies Association of Korea, to help people who have difficulty coming to Yangyang for a few days.

Winter 2020 SCW

Winter 2017 SCW

Winter 2016 SCW

For programs that takes place at L'Abri, see the Registration Guide for registration instructions. Please note that the fees for SCW may be different from what we normally charge.

Summer 2019 Forum

Summer 2018 Forum

Summer 2017 Forum

Winter 2014 SCW

Recommended Readings

L'Abri recommends that you read at least one of the following books before you attend SCW.


Below is a list of some of the people who gave lectures at SCW over the past few years.

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