L'Abri Newsletter, November 2016

November 6, 2016

Dear L’Abri praying family,

A few days of rain have brought an unusually cold weather for autumn. I was about to reach the closet to take out my heavy winter coat, but I stopped for a moment to pray for your health. I am worried that some of you already might have a cold. I feel like it was yesterday when I wrote to you at the beginning of this year. I am so sorry that only two months are left of this year. Our last term of the year opens from tomorrow to December 2nd.

We had many visitors during the previous term. A Catholic student stayed here for a month and studied a lot. Thanks to her many questions, every discussion was interesting and valuable. Even though she did not manage to learn everything she sought to learn, I ask you to pray that her mind will be full of passion for the truth and that her faith will grow in a good local church.

A young man from Georgia, USA, named Juan, decided to accept Jesus again, whom he stopped believing when he was younger. He loves Korean TV shows, speaks Korean quite well, and even visits Korea once a year. Please pray for him so that he can keep his promise with God.

A college student visited L’Abri for the third time. We were so happy to see her growth each time we saw her again. When she came to L’Abri for the first time, she was surrounded by her own problems without any peace of mind. This time, though, she was relaxed enough to take care of other visitors.

In addition, we met young men who came to find the purpose of, and set the right direction for, their lives; three members of a pastor’s family who were in the middle of moving to another ministry; and InKyung’s mother. I thank God that her health improved much while staying at L’Abri.

I was delighted when MoKyung Choi, a former worker, and Dr. TaeEun Shim, her friend, visited unexpectedly. When I came here for the first time as a student, MoKyung had served me delicious food, showed me kindness, asked incisive questions and gave good answers, and helped me very much to find the truth. She is now recovering from a cancer surgery. Please pray for her health.

Julia was of great help to us this term, too. She attends classes at the Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission in Yangpyeong every Monday. Even though she is busy studying and working, she seldom lets herself look tired and is always diligent. I ask you to pray that God meets all her needs.

SamWon takes care of every visitor very well. She says she is worried about cooking, but she is a great cook. She is a good mentor for young students, a devoted worker, and a sincere English teacher for two members of the L’Abri family. She is very good at managing so many tasks. Please pray for her with warm encouragement.

I have pleasant news for you. We are going to host the School of Christian Worldview from January 5 to 7 in Samil Church in Seoul, just as we did earlier this year. There will be a panel session titled “Strangers, Our Uncomfortable Neighbors,” on the issue of refugees and terrorism. Dr. BongHo Son, chairman of the Christian Worldview Studies Association of Korea; JongCheol Kim, our former worker and attorney who helps refugees arriving in Korea; and Rev. Wim Rietkerk, director of Dutch L’Abri and former chairman of International L’Abri, will speak on this topic. Meanwhile, InKyung and KyungOk are going to share the history, joys and sorrows of Korean L’Abri, and various other lectures and workshops will be held by over a dozen guest speakers. Please pray that many young people who are seeking the truth will come.

Poster for the School of Christian Worldview

Please click the poster above or visit our homepage to register.

We, the workers, spent the two-week break between the terms working during the day and studying at night. We cleaned and repaired the house and did the laundry during the day, and studied together with InKyung’s guidance. We had a great time talking about a variety of subjects, such as domestic science, Christian worldview, Biblical criticism, eschatology, human relationships, women’s studies, and so on. I would especially like to share with you what we studied under the heading “How Not to Dig Your Own Grave as a Leader.”

  1. Leaders often dig their own graves because of money.
  2. Leaders often become vulnerable on the issue on sex.
  3. Leaders are easily absorbed in their own power.
  4. Leaders easily fall down because of their language.
  5. Leaders easily collapse once they have lost their vision.
  6. Leaders without humanity will lose their followers.
  7. Leaders without wisdom are the most dangerous.
  8. Leaders without a true spirituality easily fall into hypocrisy.

It is never easy to live by what we have studied. We are so weak that we don’t even know when and where we will make which mistakes. As we wrapped up the study session, we resolved to watch out for our sins, encourage each other, remember what we studied, and continue to train ourselves.

Korea is in confusion at present because of problems with the leadership. I hope that the President who is at the center of the scandal, the prosecutors who are investigating the case, the press that is reporting to the public, and the entire nation who is watching will deal with the problem with God’s wisdom and discernment. Please pray that God will protect this country from those who try to satisfy their own greed and desires, that the confusion will be over soon and peace will return.

Opening the last term of the year,

ChungSeong Lee

Translated by EunHa Kim

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