L'Abri Newsletter, December 2013

December 19, 2013

Dear L’Abri praying family,

Today it snowed. From our kitchen window at 8:30 a.m., I watched the sun rise over the mountain lighting up L’Abri and the surrounding trees. This is a wonderful daily experience-an echoes of Eden one, which can be missed by a split second, if I turn to attend to something else.

The end of the term is in view as is Christmas. Time to wish you every blessing and to thank you for all your care, prayers and support which means so much to us day by day.

We have been busy travelling outside L’Abri this term giving lectures and preaching in churches: InKyung and KyungOk lectured on education at Christian schools and churches and Kim finished his ten-week- long lectures on Schaeffer’s How Should We Then Live? with its film and discussions at a small Presbyterian seminary, an old subject but very much relevant in Korea. Every Sunday we worship at a local church with L’Abri guests, Kim and InKyung preaching there once a month. Kim and Cynthia also go to Seoul church once a month to preach, where we worked for the last year, Cynthia giving children’s talk. It is a joy to keep in contact with the old friends – especially Jiwon, the little girl of 5 who used to pretend to read the hymnbook, but has now learnt to really read and sing!

Every Monday evening, a local Methodist minister comes to show a film and lead a discussion. Last time we saw a family film, The Family Man, which brought out many questions from the young people on success, family and marriage.

Eating is living at L’Abri; the table brings people together to talk and laugh. Stiff people begin to melt away and start to participate in the things we do at L’Abri. We celebrated the birthday for a soldier, a PK, whom three years ago InKyung and KyungOk have helped to stand on his feet and now a confident army soldier defending his country from the North Korean Kim Jong Eun! And we have three more birthdays to celebrate in December – plus the big one, of course! We are going to have a Christmas party for singles, about ten of them, on Christmas day.

We have two very helpful helpers this term, ChoongSung, a barista, and Rose, a dental technician.

People, young and old, students and retired folks, come for a few days and a week at the most, with their family problems and their future plans. We, Kim and Cynthia, share cooking for the guests with InKyung and ChunSung. Our kitchen-dining room is small, but can squeeze in 8 people around two joined-up tables and a two-seater sofa which we call ‘business class’. There is a dishwasher, but we prefer a human dishwasher in order to save electricity. The electricity bill is going to be huge this winter.

Prof. Cordell Schulten of Handong University, a regular, came with three students, one of whom was a Muslim from Hebron. He promised he would come back. Please pray for him. Kijin, InKyung’s son, gave a lecture on ‘power and authority’.

Dr. Hwang, a L’Abri trustee, brought 28 of his company employees, both Christians and non-Christians, for a tea and a lecture on ‘community’ given by InKyung.

Tea time at 3:30 p.m. is an interesting feature of the life here – we talk about “this and that” usually introduced by Cynthia. Recently, we introduced Jerram’s book, Echoes of Eden, which we would very much like to have translated into Korean.

Our term ends on the 19th and the New Year’s term begins on the 6th of January, which will last for three weeks and held as a School of Christian Worldview. During the holiday, there will be maintenance work on the pump house, including window insulation and under-floor heating.

We thank God for the last term, many and various students, and for the finance! Please pray for ChunSung, our worker, who has to decide soon, whether to take up the offer of a part-time assistant pastorship in a local church. Please pray for the student who has just heard that his friend in Canada tried to commit suicide and is devastated. Please pray for the new term in January and for the new students. Please continue to pray for a more permanent worker couple.

We Korean L'Abrians wish you a meaningful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Prepared by Cynthia Kim

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