L'Abri Newsletter, July 2011

July 17, 2011

Dear Praying Family,

It is a hunting season for hungry lions in L’Abri now. They are devouring on their preys without giving an eye on cheetahs and hyenas nearby. They hardly pay attention to torrential rain, searing heat, or crowd’s noise because they are at the height of their happiness.

These lions are college students and young adults who have crossed the sea and climbed mountains to come to L’Abri for their summer vacation. One young man with a starving stomach finished off a basket of bread on top of 3 portions of meal in one sitting. Another young man made us happy to even look at him for he was not only ravaging the bread but also word of God.

Maybe David had this lion’s image in his mind when he confessed “but his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his law he meditates day and night” in Psalm 1. The word “to meditate” in the verse, is a translation of “ehege” in Hebrew meaning “to moan, to cry out, to murmur, to growl.” It is an expression for large lions growling over gazelles with their tight grips on them. So blessed is the man who growls and ravages over the Word of God.

Isaiah also described God as a growling lion when He is fighting for us; “For thus the Lord said to me, As a lion or a young lion growls over his prey, and when a band of shepherds is called out against him he is not terrified by their shouting or daunted at their noise, so the Lord of hosts will come down to fight on Mount Zion and on its hill.” (Isaiah 31:4)

There is a similarity of hunting habits between lions and students at L’Abri. Lions do not concern much about wild animals or eagles nearby while they are eating. So are students in L’Abri who hardly care about summer heat, food, uncomfortable beds, and public bathroom. As a lioness never misses her prey, youngsters in L’Abri never miss the prey that lecturers throw at them.

We had endless discussion time after a lecture on “Mencius” by Ms. JaHeon Lim, a translator of the Institute for the Translation of Korean Classics and “Paradigms of Lowlands Vision” by me today. When YakYong Jung, a famous Korean scholar in 18th century, lived in exile, he was comforted by his children reading in the small room called “fragrance of books and flavor of ink.” Likewise, my fatigue is washed away with the roaring lions fully absorbing the Bible late into the summer nights by leading of God’s authority and the Holy Spirit.

We ask you to continue to pray for these visitors from Beijing, Singapore, Japan, the U.S., and others. This coming weekend of July 23-24th, we are expecting a group of 8 students and 3 teachers from Westminster Academy in St. Louis guided by Bundang Saemmul School. We have heard that Mr. Jacob Mohler, Larry and Nancy’s son-in-law from L’Abri Rochester, is in the group.

We will have a short but intensive Christian worldview school in the weekend of July 28-30th. HyeWon Yang, translator, and JinSook Park, representative of Eco-Femme, will come and give lectures. More than 20 people have booked for the program, and some of them have to commune between L’Abri and expensive accommodation nearby. Please give a special prayer for this group.

For the last 30 weeks, we have conducted leaders’ meeting every Sunday. Upon giving last presentation by JoonWon Sohn, Representative of Heritage Asia, on “Business and Dualism” and by HyunJoo Lee, Manager of Terarosa Café, on “Politics of Coffee”, we are having a summer break. Please pray for the leaders to enjoy the summer.

Summer term will last until August 19th. Until then, we ask you to pray for health, lecture, cooking, laundry, and tutoring of workers in L’Abri. Especially, may your prayers rest in MoKyung’s health and her parents and ChunSung’s family and his grandmother’s health. Also please pray for our helpers, MinHyun and BoKyung and their daughter HaEun. HaEun is preparing for college entrance.

Your prayer is in need for BoKyung, a student from Beijing Teacher College, who is interested in theater; may she have time of building a strong foundation of faith in L’Abri. HaeJin was about to come back to Korea but was able to stay and apply for visa based on half of her tuition donated by you. Please pray for HaeJin’s health and the rest of her tuition ready in time. Most of all, we sincerely pray that students give their full energy in roaring and hunting for God’s word during summer.


from YangYang L’Abri

Translated by MoKyung Choi

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