L'Abri Newsletter, April 2011

April 2, 2011

Dear Praying Family,

We just closed our semester earlier than we expected as we sent our last student DooHyun away last Thursday. We enjoyed having DooHyun as our only student for the past 3 weeks. Contrary to our concerns, DooHyun managed himself very well with his studies. He shared his testimony after having read “Being Human”; we learned humility and purity from him and hope he grows mature and firm on such ground.

In addition to taking care of DooHyun, we have accomplished tangible results in outside labor; we built fences around crocks of pepper and soy sauces that BoKyung and MinHyun brought from Daegu to L’Abri front yard. We made thousands of holes on oak woods to place shiitake mushroom seeds. All we have to do for now is to patiently wait for sauces to ferment and mushrooms to grow out of the woods.

At least, we know when sauces are ready to scoop up and mushrooms to pluck out. But when it comes to students and visitors, we are not sure when they will find answers that they have long sought for or bear good fruits that are pleasing to God’s sight. We do what we can do for them while they are here with us and leave the rest to God to work on them as they walk out of the door of L’Abri. As you might have read from our last prayer letter, we ask you to continue praying for those who came last semester. DooHyun, InHwee, JungYeop, HyunCheol, SoonGi, TaeJin, Lewis, YooSun, Eugene, EunHee, SungHyun, SooKyung, SungKeun, Soon, ChanWoong, and group visitors from Erom.

In addition, we have surprising news to share with you. Elder JungSik Kim, who generously bestowed the property and building of L’Abri upon us, approached us with a proposal of eco-friendly housing project. We were excited to hear the news and turned in our plan and ideas to start the project. This was shortly followed by Deacon JeeIn Jung’s offer to build a tree house. Deacon Jung is coming in May to survey which spot to build a tree house that can accommodate 4 people. These two building projects came out of the blue for us, but we trust that this is a part of God’s mysterious plan in creating a better environment for visitors and workers alike.

Although we close for almost a month this time, not all of us are taking a break; KyungOk has just returned from nursing her mother-in-law over 2 weeks. Despite the fact she overcame the worst, she still needs your prayer and encouragement to get better. InKyung and KyungOk will be heading out to England to attend International L’Abri Conference on 11th, and InKyung will stretch out his overseas travel to Australia shortly after coming back from England to conduct Easter retreat services for united Korean churches until 30th. Please pray with us for them to sustain their physical and spiritual health during this hectic schedule of conference and outreach. EuiJin is waiting for responses from colleges he had applied for while he is diligently studying to improve his English.

EunChol and EunHa with their two beautiful daughters GaHee and HanHee are doing their best in looking for a new church to serve. We are sure God has a better plan for them as all of us wait what God has in store for them in the future. We hope and pray that such day would come so that we shall rejoice together and deliver the news to you.

ChunSung and SuYeon have been diligent as ever in serving L’Abri and school while rearing their two small children, JiHo and JiMin. Recently, SuYeon appeared on the newspaper, KookMin daily newspaper, in recognition of her work in helping the needy student in her school by forming a liaison with financial supporters. ChunSung is a candidate for L’Abri membership this year. This April meeting will take votes to nominate ChunSung for membership. Please pray that he will have a favorable result that will lead to a brighter future of L’Abri Korea branch.

Our Helpers, MinHyun and Bokyung had their house warming party today with L’Abri workers, and we were fascinated by Bokyung’s savory food and MinHyun’s stories. They have been great help for workers and have adjusted to life in YangYang. Still they face hurdles in finding a local church and need your prayer to settle in one they can commit to.

Finally, I will be going back home to resume treatment of my aching back and to work on paper assignment from Leader’s group. I ask you to pray that I would return to L’Abri in mended and refreshed state and be ready for a new semester.

On behalf of L’Abri workers, I thank you for your steadfast love, care, and prayer for us and pray that God’s peace and blessing will reign upon you abundantly.

With Love,


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