L'Abri Newsletter, November 2010

Dear Praying Family,

Greetings! I am EunHa Kim. YangYang is a tourist spot where people all over the country flock to see beautiful red and yellow leaves every fall for it is close to Sorak Mountain. According to the lunar calendar, winter, however, has already established itself in the mist of us before the fall of leaves. Top of Sorak Mountain, DaeChungBong, is covered white in snow. Last night, L’Abri also had sleet in the front yard. As the semester began with the temperature falling headlong down, red charcoal in HongSeuk Hall stove is burning. How are you faring in this sudden attack of cold weather?

L’Abri has been receiving guests and students for the second fall semester since last Monday. God has sent many people to L’Abri this semester as well. Students come as far as Australia and Ireland and as near as Seoul to this place.

After having taught English in Korea for the past one and half year, Kevin from Northern Ireland, has stopped by L’Abri before his journey to the US. Several years ago, he has been to Swiss L’Abri and worked on campuses as a missionary in France. But now, he confesses there are a lot of areas in the bible that he does not agree with anymore. He came to Korea, has learned Korean and likes Korean food all because he loves Korea. I hope he receives what he really needs in the end.

JinWook from Seoul has just been discharged from military service. He came to L’Abri to find the true meaning of Christianity that he has believed since childhood. And he wants to become a missionary after going to a seminary next year.

JinOh, also from Seoul, is looking for a job. He first came to stay for 5 days but now wants to stay longer and study in L’Abri. Pastor HyungShik from JeonJu came to take a break for a week. JeongEun, who made a short visit to L’Abri last fall semester, came back.

Jean from Australia is coming to consider her career path and vision. Next week, YongShin will be coming to study Christian education. In addition to this current list, please pray that we would be able to serve others who are coming from far away with meals and proper care.

We trust that God has sent all these people to us as individual person. It is quite challenging to have people who require special care. But God must have sent us here in the first place to help them. That is why I kneel humbly in front of our Lord and pray.

Apart from ordinary program during semester, we have weekly bible study on Sundays. On Sunday afternoon, SuYeon, MoKyung, and other youth leaders in the local area attend the leader’s meeting conducted by InKyung and KyungOk. On Sunday night, our couple and ChunSung’s couple are involved in the bible study meeting. The leader’s meeting is in its burgeoning stage, so we ask you to pray that L’Abri would be able to serve local members through these meetings.

InKyung and KyungOk are paying a short visit to North America in mid-November. InKyung will attend Trustee Meeting in Minnesota, and KyungOk, in God’s willing, will see GiJin and HaeJin in Kingston.

SuYeon is very busy preparing for the opening of the library in her school. She has been recently appointed to be fully charged in the new library. ChunSung seems to be doing an awesome job taking care of L’Abri and children while supporting his wife.

MoKyung is zealous in cooking, serving tea, counseling, and helping students. She has been here for a year, and we ask you to pray for her to stay healthy and to work well.

I have sad news to share with you; my family has been with L’Abri for nearly 2 years now, and we have decided to move on to do a new ministry. We would like to get involved in a church ministry, and we are waiting what God has in store for us. Lastly, please pray for the children (GaHee, HanHee, JiHo, and JiMin) not to get sick in cold winter.

While reading Psalm, I found this verse; “But I have trusted in your steadfast love; my heart shall rejoice in your salvation.” Watching L’Abri visitors, I wondered by what we can serve them. But the only way that all people can live in this tough and hard world is by no other means but by God’s love for us that killed his own son on the cross. This message applies the same to students and visitors as well as to workers in L’Abri. I hope this message would be a comfort and encouragement for all of our dear praying family members as you finish this year.

From L’Abri in tranquility,


Translated by MoKyung Choi

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