L'Abri Newsletter, October 2009

Dear Praying Family,

I'm glad to meet with you all, through this letter. I'm EunHa Kim, a staff since this March. Having been pastor's wife for many years, I'm still not accustomed to be called as a “worker.” In L'Abri, everyday there is a surprise that makes me at a loss. Please pray for me that I may be strong and be willing in serving God's people.

We had a lot of fun last month, particularly with dogs and cats. "Mapsy", the Jindo breed, gave birth to five puppies. And a resident cat gave birth to several kitties. With that there are more animals in L'Abri than human being. Some people may ask why we keep so many animals around. Well, each one of them has a good reason. Dogs – BaeKoo, Mapsy, and Eerae keep thieves away and chase away wild boars that ruin our garden and fields. Cats are doing their share as well; they keep rats away from L'Abri. In early days, they said that giant rats as big as one's arm would sneak around; but it's all legend, now.

Some of us took a few days off; InKyung, EunChul, and InSok Chun (Rev., YangYang Central Methodist church) attended the Seoul Christian Movie Festival. Can you imaging that they would sit in three movies in one day? But they seemed to have had a great time. In Thursday and Sunday evenings during a term, we have movie nights. My husband insisted that the boys needed this trip to build up their power to lead movie night discussions; Oh, boy!

In this Full Moon's holiday, we joined the nation-wide bandwagons heading hometown; it was our first time in Korea, as a family. We were exhausted after a long ride on train; but we were so excited to get together with parents and all family members. InKyung & KyungOk had to stay at L'Abri serving two American couples. One of the couples chose KangReung over Seoul, the capital, so that they may visit L'Abri more frequently. The couple is planning to visit us every weekend. I hear that there are over 1 million foreigners in Korea. I pray that L'Abri will find her opportunity to be a shelter for them as well.

We have just started the 8-week long fall term. MoKyung Choi will work with us as a helper. She had lived in many countries accompanying her father's oversee business assignments; studied in USA and worked as a hotel manager after graduation. She is a good cook and makes all of us hopeful. Please pray for Mokyung that she may feel at home at L'Abri and may be guided by the Holy Spirit as she serves students. Unlike the summer term, we have more female students than male. Please pray that we staffs may be more sensitive in serving them and that the students would have a meaningful spiritual enlightening while staying with us.

We started our own chapel every Wednesday evening. On Sundays we visit local churches to join the Sunday services. During our last staff meeting, we identified the need to have our own time for worship service with singing praises, prayer, and teaching of His Word. After the chapel, we are planning to have a time for fellowship with delicious goodies and for discussions as well. Please pray that our chapel will be a joyful time or Him and a spiritually fulfilling time for us. EunChul is planning to lead the service and we are hoping that our Lord may provide us a piano or a synthesizer for use during the service.

EuiJin has decided to go to Canada for his study. He will join HaeJin & KiJin. He saved about $9000 during the past 10 years. He is waiting for his Visa. Please pray for him as he made through a new chapter in his life. My two daughters, GaHee and HanHee, enjoyed family reunion during Full Moon holiday. Now, their school resumes form the break. They are trying hard to get used to the way the school works in Korea. Please pray for their school life.

As you know, our new workers, ChunSung & SooYun, will join us from Jan. 2010. We are in the process of finding a place for the new family. We are hoping that our Lord would provide us enough funds to build a house or renovate the old gas station. We have been setting aside at least something for the building project, every month. But it’s growing real slow because since this summer we can barely afford worker’s salary. We read & hear that the economy is finally reviving; yet, it seems like most of us do not really sense much improvement.

In this time of hardship, let's remember that, the birds of the air do not sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet our heavenly Father feeds them. Please pray for God's provision for L'Abri's financial needs.

On my way from farmer's market, the sun was strong but the field was deep yellow from the ripen rice and farmers were busy harvesting them. Finally they are gleaning fruits of their year-round sweat. I wish, someday, we workers at L'Abri, would be granted of the joy of spiritual harvesting; if not, my desire is that, on our last day, we may find out that our lives were full of joy serving God's people.

"Therefore be patient, brethren, until the coming of the Lord. The farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, being patient about it, until it gets the early and late rains. You too be patient; strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near." (James 5:7-8)

October 2009

EunHa Kim

Translated by Oh-Ig Kwoun

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