Bus (Express)

Express buses to Yangyang can be found in Seoul (Gangnam and East Seoul Terminals), Seongnam, Ilsan (Hwajeong Terminal), Daegu (North Terminal), Busan, Ulsan, Daejeon, Uijeongbu, Wonju, Chuncheon, and Chungju. Some buses may have "Sokcho" as their destination sign. The trip takes 2~3 hours from Seoul and 4-5 hours from Daegu.

Bus (Local)

The No. 10 bus (to Galcheon) leaves for L'Abri four times a day from the bus terminal in downtown Yangyang. As of 2017, departure times are as follows: 6:30, 9:50, 14:10, 18:30. Please get off at the Jeongdaun Maeul bus stop in Nonhwari and walk uphill to L'Abri. If you take a taxi from downtown Yangyang to L'Abri, the fare is 10,000-15,000 won.

Buses from L'Abri to Yangyang leave at 07:40, 11:00, 15:20, 19:40. Please take this schedule into consideration when you purchase your ticket home.


Exit at Yangyang IC on the Seoul-Yangyang Expressway (No. 60) toward Inje on the left. Merge onto Highway 44 and continue for 3km (2mi). Exit toward Hongcheon/Guryongnyeong, turn left under the overpass, and drive uphill on Highway 56 for about 1km (0.6mi). You will find L'Abri on your right.

Several scenic mountain passes also lead to Yangyang, but please be aware that they may not be safe when it is raining, snowing, or foggy.


The KTX train from Seoul Station to Gangneung takes about 2 hours. When you arrive in Gangneung, take a taxi to the bus terminal. Buses leave for Yangyang every 10-20 minutes, and the trip takes 1 hour.

Air (International)

From Incheon International Airport (ICN), take a bus to Seoul Gangnam Bus Terminal, where express buses leave frequently for Yangyang. It takes 1 hour from the airport to Gangnam, and another 2 hours to Yangyang. There is also an airport in Yangyang, but flight availability varies by season.

If you are a foreigner, let us know your bus schedule and we may be able to pick you up at Yangyang bus terminal. Or you may take a taxi from the terminal to L'Abri.

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